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Over the years we have received countless kind words and letters of recommendation from our customers.  This page contains a sample of these. 

Mike Martin 


  • Creed Eye Center:

“The new roof took a 1950’s flat roof and brought it up to date architecturally….”
Dr. Richard D. Creed

  • GBA Architects:

“The personnel sent by BRB to man the projects have been extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with.  The firm’s office personnel have handled the projects in a professional manner.”
James D. Atkinson, Architect

    • Altus Public Schools:

“Coordination between the project supervisor and school officials was outstanding.  BRB personnel kept school officials informed during all phases of each project.  No accidents or incidents occurred at any of the project sites.”
John Redelsperger, Director of Related Services

Troy Lewis 

  • Lewis Associates Architects:

“I am very pleased with their work.  They take care of the punch list items in a timely manner and they respond promptly to call backs.  I have relied on their experience with retrofit applications numerous times.  They are quick to offer alternative solutions when problems arise.”
M. Troy Lewis, AIA

  • Northeast Oklahoma Public Facilities Authority:

“BRB coordinated its efforts so the office was able to operate its daily business without interruption, hazards, or obstacles to our employees and our customers.”
Jim Reagan, General Manager

  • Rossco Construction, Inc:

“It is a rare pleasure to deal with a subcontractor that exemplifies the quality and commitment that BRB has shown…”
Tim Higgins, Project Manager

Sinclair Armstong

  • Verden Public Schools:

“My dealings with the employees and management team of BRB was extremely positive and very professional.  I would highly recommend BRB to anyone considering a roof project.”
David Davidson, Superintendent

  • Sterling Public Schools:

“Their foremen are excellent to work with and they try everything they can to accommodate school district’s during the construction to completion phases.”
Joe Stafford, Superintendent

  • Coal County Commissioners:

“The people here in the Courthouse really appreciated the hard work your crew put in.  We have had numerous compliments on your work and we would highly recommend your company to others needing your services.”
Mike Hensley, Commissioner

Mitch Garrity

  • Adair Public Schools:

“his crew did an excellent job and did not disrupt the natural progression of our school day.”
Tom Linihan, Superintendent

  • Ray James, Architect and Associates:

“Briggs not only did an outstanding job, but an outstanding job on a very difficult project.”
Raymond D. James, Jr., Architect

  • Stephens County Commissioners:

“BRB did an efficient and timely job on all buildings.  They were helpful and informative during each phase of this lengthy project.  Their job performance was exceptional.”
Frank Kelly, Chairman

  • Bixby Public Schools – Learning Center Building:

“it is a superbly done job, and matches the other buildings around it nicely.  The time frame was met, and the cost was budget friendly.”
Marty Foutch, Director of Facilities

  • Armstrong Bank:

“In an era when you expect problems I am happy to say we have not had a single problem with projects that your company has done for us.”
Jerry Stroud, Sr. VP Information Technology/Physical Facilities

  • Cherokee Nation Construction Services:

“Their workmanship and professionalism has been top notch, and we have been very pleased with the work they’ve done for us.”
Ryan Holderby, CNCS Project Manager

  • Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma:

“They are a thorough and competent roofing firm.  The projects we have worked with them on, to date, have all proceeded relatively smooth and finished on time.”
James Hicks, Senior Projet Manager

  • Justus-Tiawah Public Schools:

“They were very professional and communicated with me through the entire project.  I can truly recommend them highly.”
Mr. David Garroutte, Superintendent

  • Town of Fairfax:

“It is nice to have a roof that does not leak.”
Rae Ann Smith, Town Clerk

  • Crooked Oak Public Schools:

“Although the rain poured for what seemed like hours, not a single leak was discovered in any of our buildings.  With the new roofing system you installed, we feel confident that our textbooks, equipment and furniture will no longer get drenching wet during a rain storm.”
Frank M. Parrino, Superintendent

  • Dale Public Schools:

“we contacted Mr. Briggs about a retrofit, standing seam roof.  We have not had a single leak since!”
Russell Whitehead, Superintendent

  • Ryal School:

“With as hot as the weather was the crews attitudes were excellent.”
Louis Hicks, Superintendent

  • Roland Public Schools:

“We appreciate the special effort your employees gave in regard to the safety of our students and staff.”
Howard Harrell, Superintendent

  • Sharon-Mutual Schools:

“It is difficult to imagine any crew that would be better to work with.  We will miss having them at our site.”
Emma Sidders, Elementary Principal

  • City of Midwest City Public Works Administration:

“Your crews were some of the most professional people we’ve ever been around.”
Vaughn K. Sullivan, Fleet/Street and Parks Superintendent