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  • The WeatherBoss® Standing Seam Roof Panel is positioned in place over the steel support structure of the WeatherBoss Converter® Reroof Framing System.
  • A metal hold-down clip is placed over the side of the standing seam roof panel and attached to the steel support structure
  • The next panel laps over the clip and side of the first panel.
  • All three pieces are folded together with a machine seamer to provide a weather-tight, water-tight roof with no exposed screws.

Benefits / Features

Weather Adaptability
Thermal movement (expansion/contraction) of the roof panels is not a cause for concern because the attachment clips are designed to move as the roof panels expand and contract with no stress to the roof panels or the attachment screws. No Exposed Screws!

Old “Screw Down” Method of Installing Metal Roof Panels


Thermal Movement (expansion/contraction) is the cause of three common problems:

  1. Attachment screws back out
  2. Rubber washer on screws break apart
  3. Metal panels wallow out around attachment screws

The old method…

  • creates leaks
  • causes water damage
  • promotes mold and
  • damages the roof panels