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Why Choose Standing Seam Metal Roofing? Here are a Few Reasons.

Durable, Long Lasting, and Low Maintenance: Pays for itself. Relieves the frustration of dealing with leaky flat roofs.

Standing Seam metal roof systems are well known for their long life span and ability to withstand the elements making it an obvious choice for owners who need a new roof. The use of strong durable materials coupled with the superior leak free technology makes Standing Seam a wise investment. Standing Seam pays for itself over time by reducing or eliminating the cost of roof maintenance and replacement while lowering energy and insurance costs.If you own a flat roofing system you are aware of the constant maintenance they require.  You have adapted to either climbing up on the roof after a rain to search for leaks and spread more tar or scattering buckets and trash cans to catch the leaks inside.  You probably know your flat roofer very well, as you should, since you are paying for his kids college education.  Standing Seam also relieves these frustrations as an occasional gutter and downspout cleaning is all that is required.High quality finishes, special connections and heavy 24 gauge steel manufactured from Galvalume®, Acrylume®, Kynar® and Cool Roofing material give Standing Seam the ability to out perform all other roof systems in resisting damage from hail, rain, wind, solar rays, thermal movement, foot traffic, corrosion, cracking, peeling paint, and fading paint. To learn more about these products visit the following websites: Galvalume® & Acrylume®, Kynar® and Cool Roofing/Green Roofing.
Virtually Leak Proof: Reduces worries about water damage, mold, musty carpet, rotted roof & wall structures, roof repairs and roof replacement.
Panels are joined together by overlapping seams that are elevated above the roof plane, hence the name “Standing Seam”. Hidden inside the seams are panel clips that hold the panel to its supporting structure. These panel clips eliminate the need for exposed screws to hold the roof in place. The panel seams are filled with hot melt sealant and mechanically crimped together forming a weathertight seal against the elements. A leak free roof reduces worries about water damage, mold, musty carpet, rotted roof & wall structures, roof repairs and roof replacement.
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Attachment System: Eliminates leaks caused by the old method of installing screws though the roof to hold it down.
“Concealed Clips” and “Concealed Fasteners” are terms synonymous with Standing Seam. The old “screw down” method of holding a metal panel in place was to run screws directly through the surface of the panel while hoping that a rubber washer would seal the hole. This works for only a short period of time before the rubber washers deteriorate, thermal movement (expansion & contraction) wallows out the metal around the screws, the screws back out and leaks begin.
Standing Seam panels are held in place by steel clips and screws that are hidden (concealed) inside the roof.No exposed screws! The clips are designed in two pieces that slide against each other as the panels expand and contract. The new “Concealed Clip and Fastener” system eliminates the leaks caused by the old method.
Well Suited for almost all buildings: Light Weight. Fewer interruptions to the building’s occupants during construction. No Tar smell. Can put multiple levels of existing roofs under one new roof plane. Fewer leaks during construction.
Standing Seam metal roof panels typically weigh less than 1.5 pounds per square foot, most other roof systems weigh much more. The advantage in new construction is less material and labor cost to support the roof system. In retrofit construction the advantage is the existing structure is much more likely to have the ability to support the new roof system. Many times a new metal roof weighs less than the gravel swept from the existing roof surface.Retrofit roofing is the process of converting from one type of roof system to another. The term is usually used in the metal roofing market to identify the process of converting a flat roof into a sloped roof using Standing Seam.Design flexibility is key to the success of Standing Seam in retrofit roofing. Standing Seam is light weight and usually can be installed over existing roof systems eliminating the need for removal of the old roof. The insulating value of the old roof is maintained and the interior of the building is not exposed to the weather during construction. This allows normal operations of the building to continue with fewer interruptions from the construction and with fewer leaks during construction. A Standing Seam retrofit metal roof can also be designed to incorporate several levels of existing flat roofing under one new roof plane. Fewer roof planes not only provides a more aesthetic roof system but also a more watertight roof system. Fewer roof planes equal fewer flashings between roof levels equaling less opportunity for flashings to leak.
Energy Efficient: Lower energy costs.
Standing Seam metal roofing can obviously be installed with as much insulation as needed to meet the owner’s insulating requirements. In addition modern technology increases the energy efficiency of Standing Seam through “Cool Roofing”. This technology increases the metal roof’s ability to reflect the sun’s rays as well as the ability to quickly dissipate any heat absorbed into the panel. For more information about “Cool Roofing” visit Reflective insulation can also be added to the under side of the new roof panels to further reflect the sun’s rays and lower energy costs.
Less Mold: Healthier environment.
By stopping the leaks inherent in flat roofs, Standing Seam creates an environment less conducive to the growth of mold within the building. Leaks from flat roofs allow moisture that promotes the growth of mold in ceilings, walls and floors. The clear benefit is a healthier environment for the building’s occupants.
Strong Roofs = Potentially Lower Insurance Rates: Fire Resistance and Wind Uplift Rating Saves Money.
With vertical ribs that are made from 24 gauge steel and then mechanically seamed together, Standing Seam holds up to the weight of snow and ice as well as foot traffic. Because Standing Seam has specially designed clips to hold the panels in place, wind has less chance of causing damage than it does with other roof systems. The strength of Standing Seam gives the calm assurance that your roof will be there when the storm is gone.Many insurance companies have lower rates for buildings with Standing Seam for two primary reasons. First is a reduced risk of fire spreading to the building from another outside source. Secondly, properly installed Standing Seam metal roofs are highly wind resistant. Your insurance company may ask if your new roof has a UL-90 wind uplift rating from Underwriters Laboratory. BRB can provide a certificate to prove your new roof is UL-90 rated. Standing Seam saves money!
Easy To Insulate: Lower cost to install and lower energy bills.
In new construction it is relatively easy to design and install a new insulation system. If an existing flat roof is going to be replaced with a new flat roof there is little opportunity to add an effective amount of insulation. It is also hard for a flat roof to keep the insulation dry and efficient. Standing Seam retrofit1 metal roofs, on the other hand, provide a new attic space that can be utilized to spread as much insulation as the building owner requires. Standing Seam will also keep the insulation dry so that it can effectively do its job. Obtaining and keeping a high R-value costs less in the installation phase as well as in the monthly energy bill.
Reduces Sound: Quieter Environment.
The new attic space created by a Standing Seam retrofit metal roof produces a quieter environment inside the building. If insulation is added to the project the noise level is reduced even more
Good For The Environment: Everyone Benefits.
There are several reasons that Standing Seam metal roofs are good for the environment: first, they can be produced from recycled steel, second, in a Standing Seam retrofit application most existing roofs can remain in place in lieu of being removed and taking up space in landfills, and third, “Cool Roofing” technology and reflective insulation reduce energy requirements. Everyone benefits from a safer and cleaner environment.
Increases Property Value: Value to the building owner.
Think of a building that has a leaky roof, water stains in the ceiling, water stains on the walls and floors, musty smelling carpet, a potential mold problem and to top it all off, it doesn’t even look nice from the outside. Standing Seam can be instrumental in changing all of that. A sloped Standing Seam metal roof will stop the leaks so that the interior can be cleaned up and renovated. The new Standing Seam metal roof can also be designed to improve the appearance of the building. Now the property value has been increased. That is value to the building owner!
Optional Low Or Steep Sloped Roofs: High quality at either a lower cost or a more aesthetic appearance. Retain current appearance or improve the appearance of the structure. You have options!
Standing Seam metal roofing is very versatile. It can be installed over low sloped structures for a high quality low cost roof or it can be installed in steep sloped applications for a more aesthetic appearance. In retrofit applications a low sloped roof might be utilized in situations where an owner wants to retain the current appearance of his building. A steep slope may be used when the owner specifically wants to improve the appearance of his structure.