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Since 1975 we have grown to about 100 employees who focus on Standing Seam metal roofing. We specialize in Converting Flat Roofs to Sloped® (known as retrofit metal roofing). Our owners, managers, and supervisors are well experienced in Standing Seam and have extensive training in BRB’s method of construction. You can be sure your new roof will be installed correctly.

  • We have an extensive knowledge of what will work and what will not work,
  • We know what to ask our customers in order to meet their needs,
  • We know how to properly install a Standing Seam Metal Roof,
  • We are a trusted advisor to many Architects in Oklahoma when they need help with a design.



Most of BRB Roofing’s customers are not only satisfied with their roof but are eager to recommend us to others. We have a long list of references that includes contact information for your use. Many have written letters recommending BRB Roofing and we would be happy to share those with you. If requested we make it an easy task to check with other building owners to verify our quality of work and professionalism.


You need to know the company you hire is financially stable and has the ability to service the warranties it provides. BRB Roofing has operated in the same region for the entire history of the company. We have steadily grown year after year. We have crews all over the state on a regular basis and will service any warranty work in a professional and timely manner.


BRB Roofing is proud to own one of the most advanced sheet metal shops in Oklahoma. We currently have in operation:
Two 20′-0″ Jorns folding machines. These machines are incredible and can make anything form our standard trim profiles to custom trim profiles requested by architects and building owners,
Several different panel forming machines,
Arching machines for limited panel and trim profiles (please contact us for information if needed),
Precision cutting devices used to manufacture Louvers and Equipment Curbs,
De-coilers and slitters for handling coil stock and flat sheets,
Full time welding staff,
Numerous other pieces of equipment which help us create the perfect accessories and trims for your new roof.
Our sheet metal shop is also available to our retail sales department if you have any custom trim or other special needs that you are not able to find anywhere else.



BRB Roofing has an excellent safety record. We strive to stay in compliance with all OSHA requirements. From the very moment we arrive, BRB Roofing’s focus is on protecting everyone and everything on or around the work site from damage or injury.


The quality of our materials and craftsmanship is unmatched by anyone. We install 24 gauge Standing Seam metal roofing with the proper panel clips. We use only the highest quality sealants, fasteners, roof jacks and baked on paint finishes. We manufacture our own trim, equipment curbs and framing systems. With high quality comes long life. Your new Standing Seam metal roof will last longer than similar roofs by other contractors. We leave our name and number on every roof project so that years later you will not have to wonder who installed the roof. You might need to make modifications to an old project, install a matching roof to an adjacent building or any of a variety of things. When that time comes BRB Roofing is available and ready to take care of your needs.


Not only does BRB Roofing have a state of the art sheet metal shop, we have state of the art equipment. We can bring machinery to your work site in order to produce roof panels and accessories as needed. Packaging and shipping charges are reduced while quality is improved because we can make exactly what you need at the work site. We have scissor lift trucks that we use to lift equipment and produce roof panels directly onto your building structure. By manufacturing your roof panels at the work site we eliminate end laps (overlapping panels end to end to span the length of a slope). Shop fabricated roof panels can only be shipped in lengths of approximately 45 feet meaning the panels must lap end to end for longer slopes. This is a major source of leakage in shop formed panels. Our state of the art equipment reduces costs and speeds up construction time while improving the quality of your new roof.