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The world isn’t flat,
why is your roof?

Choose BRB Roofing for Your Roofing Needs

Choose BRB Roofing for Your Roofing Needs

Choose BRB Roofing for Your Roofing Needs

This content was written for the experts at BRB Roofing

BRB Roofing has installed over 10,000,000 ft.≤ of Tulsa metal roofs since 1975. Customers, architects and locals choose our company because of our integrity as a company and as a manufacturer. The way that we build our roofs are guaranteed give you a durable, weathertight and strong roof that’s going to last a long time. There’s no point in having you repair your roof year after year when you can have one of the top Standing Seam Metal Roofs in the state of Oklahoma. BRB Roofing has been featured in The Journal Record and the Tulsa World while also winning several manufacturing and leadership awards throughout the years. For more information please give us a call at 877 ñ 272 ñ 7663.

We know how to properly install Tulsa metal roofs. We understand the logistics and what we need to do about something that is leaking or a roof that is damaged. We know what questions to ask to ensure that we meet all of our customers needs. We are one of the most trusted advisors to many architects in Oklahoma when they are looking for someone to install a Tulsa metal roof on of their current designs. Public schools trust us, businesses trust us and standalone clients trust us and have trusted us since 1975.

Why? Because since 1975 we continue to strive every single day to become a better company and a better manufacturer metal roofs. We specialize in converting flat roofs into sloped roofs to better handle the weather conditions that Oklahoma seems to throw at us every other day. Be prepared this winter and this rainy season as the weather gets harsher and harsher. With one of our BRB Roofing metal roofs you’ll be completely amazed at the durability and how much you can actually withstand when a storm hits. Rain or shine we are here for you at BRB Roofing.

Any additional questions that you might have can be answered by one of our roofing specialist by simply giving us a call. Customer service is something that’s very important to us and one of the core values of who we are as a company and who we are as a roofing manufacturing company. We want to answer your questions. Ask away! Ask anything you want and our roofing specialists are sure to answer all of your questions one right after the other. We can answer you about customizing your roof color, customizing the canopy or a walkway. Public schools trust us because we are able to integrate their school colors into the campus and make it look like something that can be prou of.

We understand that we can’t answer all of your questions in this article and we are more than ready to talk to you on the phone. You can visit us online to find out more about our story and what our clients have to say. You can get a quote, view the roof gallery and even submit a question. Ask about how we can customize your Tulsa metal roof to look exactly what you want and you our testimonials to see why we’re the number one choice in the state of Oklahoma. You can trust BRB Roofing.

BRB Roofing Is the Best Choice for You

This content was written for the experts at BRB Roofing

The world isn’t flat, why is your roof? Here at BRB Roofing we specialize in converting flat roofs to sloped. Since 1975 we’ve installed over 10,000,000 ft.≤ of Tulsa metal roofs and we continue to improve upon our product. We understand the question that most customers are going to ask and we’re prepared to answer them. You can rely on quality, the reputation and the award-winning roofing company right here in Oklahoma. Many architects wonder why people go outside of the state when BRB Roofing is right here in Oklahoma. We’ve been seen on the Journal Record, the Oklahoman and the Tulsa World. Give us a call today 877 ñ 272 ñ 7663.

We started back in 1975 and decades later we are still the number one advisor for architects and locals. We provide something that nobody else does. A loyal company that’s full of integrity and continues to strive daily to make our products something better than it was the day before. We have provided roofing needs for businesses, architects, counties and towns throughout the state of Oklahoma. We ask you questions and we get the right answers to ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for when it comes time to install your Tulsa metal roof.

You can find more information on our website more simply give us a call. You’ll find our roofing specialists can answer all your questions. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that all of our customers feel complete confidence and security when they decide to convert their flat roof into sloped. We’ve been installing Tulsa metal roofs for decades and we continue to improve our system to make sure that our quality rises every second of every day. We want to make sure that you have a weathertight, durable and strong roof over your head. It doesn’t matter if it’s a school, business or your barn. We get you what you want.

We know the questions that customers are going to ask. We know exactly what will work and what will not work. Remember that our roofing specialists are here to provide the service and a quality product. We make sure to get exactly what you need and write down all the details. We meet with our clients to get to know them and to build that relationship so that we can have the foundation of trust. Trust that you’re getting a good quality product. Trust that we’re going to install it on time and at the price that we agreed upon. Say goodbye to leaky roofs forever. Because our roofs will last for years to come.

If you still have additional questions feel free to call one of our roofing specialist today. You can also go online to view all of our products and all the options that we when it comes to our Tulsa metal roofs. Our approach is to simply come to you show you what we can do and show you how it’s better than what you have on your building right now. Rely on the quality and the absolute experience that our team brings to the table. You won’t be disappointed so please give us a call or visit us online to get a quote today.